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About Us



MaxCare Medical Centre is a clinic focused on providing you with primary healthcare. As a primary Healthcare provider, our role is to act as the first point of contact to determine whether we can treat you or whether we must refer you to a specialist for further care.


MaxCare is situated in the heart of Otahuhu, the Otahuhu Town Centre. The site was chosen for three key reasons;


  • To provide you with better accessibility to our facilities by being near public transportation (bus, train) provided in the local region of Otahuhu:

  • To provide better access to those of you who travel via private transportation, with ample parking space:


  • To decrease the workload from our leading hospitals with the additional benefit of reducing your waiting time.


If you enrol with us, we will provide a proactive approach to your healthcare rather than wait for a minor issue to fester into a significant sick care problem. However, this can only be achieved if you are willing to reach out. We believe this approach will result in a healthier and more productive community with lower physical, mental and medical costs for you and your loved ones. 

Want to enrol?

Bring photo I.D for your verification

If you'd like to receive the full health benefits of MaxCare Medical Centre at lower rates, you can enroll with us at the clinic or download the form.  Please note, you will need a copy of your passport or birth certificate for verification. A driver's license is not valid form of ID for Te Whatu Ora

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